Change on the GVG Board as of 1 June

Change on the GVG Board as of 1 June

GVG Oliehandel BV is making significant moves. Peter van Gelder, one of the brothers who manage GVG, will shortly step back from his duties as a director in a change that is set to present us with new opportunities.

New opportunities that will take the company forward
Among other things, Peter will shortly be working on innovations in the energy transition. He will also continue collaborating with his brothers on various projects related to GVG Oliehandel BV, in a move that will help GVG respond to new opportunities and take the business forward.

This change is an ambition that all three brothers have been pursuing for some time. In view of the company’s overall growth and the many opportunities that the brothers have identified in areas such as exports, it is time to create more room for strategic focus.

In Peter van Gelder’s own words:

“Ever since 2000, when the three of us launched GVG, we have been on a road of building up, pioneering and, above all, helping out on the shop floor. This has changed over recent years; our organisation has matured and we need to adopt a different approach. We have therefore jointly decided that my brothers Ernst and Frans will remain at the helm to continue on this new course while I turn my focus to things such as new business development for GVG. After all, you have to do what you’re good at in order to produce the highest added value.”

To make all this possible, Peter will step back from his director’s duties in June 2023. However, he will continue to be a presence on the shop floor for the time being. That is because GVG has set aside a transition period of around a year for his operational duties within the company.

Two-headed board
Ernst and Frans van Gelder will remain joint directors of GVG, with the support of the management team, which is to be reinforced in the coming period. Peter will continue to be a shareholder at GVG Oliehandel BV and, of course, carry on looking after the company’s interests.

Although GVG’s business contacts will not be affected by the change, the organisation believes it is important to keep them updated about these developments. The GVG team is excited about the new form of collaboration and the promising opportunities that this move will bring.

The management and employees are keen to answer any questions about this change and will gladly provide those who are interested with further details of the new plans.



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