Clean fuels for maximum performance

Clean fuels for maximum performance

Ecomaxx offers clean fuels for specific applications that ensure maximum performance. The fuels contain as little as possible harmful substances and are up to 99% cleaner.

Clean fuels for maximum performance

What is Ecomaxx used for?

The Ecomaxx range has multiple product lines, each designed for a specific type of engine. There are fuels for off-road/dirt bikes as well as motorbikes and also for diesel engines. Clean fuels for other types of engines will undoubtedly follow in the future, since product development at GVG and Ecomaxx is paramount.

Why do people choose for Ecomaxx?

Because its clean fuels are those for the motorcyclist, classic car enthusiast, cross and racing fans, the boat owner and they also offer the professional a solution. Ecomaxx fuels not only provide maximum engine performance, they are also cleaner and therefore better for the engine, health and the environment. The fuels also have a long shelf life.

Ecomaxx motorcrosser

Ecomaxx product lines

Ecomaxx MX Race

Clean racing petrol for two-stroke and four-stroke off-road bikes.

Ecomaxx Bike Fuel

Clean, long shelf life petrol for motor bikes.

Ecomaxx Diesel GT

Ultra-clean fuel for all diesel engines.

Ecomaxx is a GVG brand. Ecomaxx fuels are primarily sold in the Netherlands and Belgium.