Who are our clients?

GVG serves many different client groups. We supply to shops at home & abroad but we also deliver directly to large end users.

Deliveries to shops GVG

Deliveries to shops

Consumers and professionals can buy our products at more than 1000 shops in the Benelux countries. Most of these shops are independent specialist shops in the garden and park sector. Our products are also on the shelves of a number of large chains which rent out tools, and on the shelves of chains specialising in articles in the sphere of outdoor life. Gently products are sold at caravan and leisure time shops.

Supplying OEMs and industry

Supplying OEMs and industry

We also supply large end users directly with the brands Agealube and C-inco. Because of its specialisation, Agealube has Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) as clients. These companies in the manufacturing industry are often seeking very high-quality, special lubricants. Also, transport companies, garages and companies involved in earth-moving, infrastructure and agriculture are large end users for whom the purchase of the right oil plays a crucial role. C-inco’s circle of customers is just as wide. Virtually every industry needs a special cleaning agent.