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GVG Oliehandel currently represents seven brands. We are the independent Benelux importer of Aspen, and are active internationally with our own brands Agealube, Fillpartner, Ecomaxx and Firelux. Our subsidiary C-inco develops, produces and sells cleaning products for industry, and does the same for the consumer market under the brand Gently.

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Who is GVG Oliehandel?

Peter, Ernst and Frans are the Van Gelder Brothers. They are the owners of the family business and direct the rest of the GVG team. They also have the development of new products and part of customer contact on their plate. With our team, we ensure that beautiful products can be sold and that these are received by our customers every day, to their full satisfaction.

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More than an oil trading company

The family business has been well known as an oil trading company for decades. But GVG is more than an oil trading company. We operate in niche markets. We pick up signals as to where improvement of a product or a new solution is desired, but which is not being offered by the existing suppliers. The new product is offered, complete, to the retail outlets. Including advice, sales assistance and marketing support.

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Team GVG

Every day, our team works tirelessly to deliver your orders to you on time and with great care and precision. Have you ever tried putting a face to the friendly voice on the phone? Perhaps you would simply like to see who is on our team. Please let us introduce ourselves to you!

Who’s who on Team GVG?