Partners of GVG Oliehandel

In order to realise its aims, GVG collaborates with various parties. The sharing of knowledge and the quest for good collaboration is the order of the day for us, every day.

Swedish Flag

Lantmännen Aspen Petroleum AB
Producer of Aspen alkylate fuels

GVG is the importer of Aspen alkylate fuels for the Benelux countries. Lantmännen Aspen AB is the producer of Aspen alkylate fuels and is established in Hindas, Sweden. Aspen is represented in many European countries and Canada, and is thereby the world market leader in alkylate-based petrol. In all countries, the work is based on the same mission: the development, marketing and distribution of fuels with unique benefits which reduce the negative effects for man, machinery and environment.

Aspen is a subsidiary of Lantmännen, a large concern in the sphere of foodstuffs, machinery, energy and agriculture. The concern is the property of more than 35,000 Swedish farmers and livestock breeders.

The laboratory in Sweden, the practical and technical knowledge from GVG

The relationship between GVG and Aspen goes further than importing alone. In product improvements and the development of new products, GVG conducts field tests together with Aspen. Since we are close to the market, we are often the first to pick up signals. Together with Aspen Sweden, research is subsequently done into possible solutions, in which process GVG primarily plays a role on the practical side. Thus, for example, the product improvement Aspen 2 Full Range Technology was realised, and research is currently being done into new fuels.

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Japanese Flag

World’s largest producer of heating products

GVG has a partnership arrangement with TES (Toyotomi Europe Sales B.V.) to market Firelux heater fuels and to distribute Zibro heaters. TEX is part of the Japanese heater producer Toyotomi, known under the brand names Toyotomi, Toyostove, Toyoset, Kerosun and Zibro. Toyotomi has for more than 65 years been world market leader in the sphere of mobile heaters.

Toyotomi, Zibro and Firelux

The collaboration between TES (Toyotomi Europe Sales B.V.) and GVG came into being through our brand Firelux heater fuels. Toyotomi is the world’s largest producer of mobile petrol heaters, and was seeking a partner in Europe in order to be able to offer the correct heater fuel. Firelux complies with all specifications and Toyotomi recommends it throughout Europe as the pre-eminent fuel for their brand Zibro heaters. As well as the Firelux fuels, GVG, in collaboration with TES, offers ZIBRO heaters in the Benelux countries. In the rest of Europe, the sale of ZIBRO and Firelux is attended to entirely by TES.

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Dutch Vlag

Develops and supplies components for dirt bikes, road-racing motorcycles and go karts.

VHM supplies dealers and tuners worldwide with high-quality products for their tuning, servicing and for the re-building of dirt bikes, road-racing motorcycles and go karts. In the development of new fuels for the racing sector, GVG collaborates with VHM. VHM’s specific expertise, based on decades of experience, helps in the evaluation and execution of tests.

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