Clean heater fuels for mobile heaters

Clean heater fuels for mobile heaters

Firelux offers pure fuels for all brands of mobile heaters. Firelux fuels provide clean combustion, because a large number of harmful substances simply aren’t in it. This makes your heater last much longer, and your health and the environment remain protected.

Clean heater fuels for mobile heaters

What is Firelux used for?

Firelux is used in mobile petrol heaters and petrol heater blowers. The heaters are often used for heating small rooms or keeping them frost-free; for larger spaces, heater blowers are used. Think of camping, parties and events or the (auxiliary) heating of a hobby room or barn. Everyone can buy Firelux at a Firelux retail outlet.

Firelux and ZIBRO heaters

Firelux is recommended by Toyotomi, manufacturer of ZIBRO mobile heaters. GVG has a partnership arrangement with TES (Toyotomi Europe Sales B.V.) to market Firelux heater fuels and to distribute ZIBRO heaters. As well as the Firelux fuels, GVG, in collaboration with TES, offers ZIBRO heaters in the Benelux countries. Want more information about ZIBRO? Contact us.

Zibro and Toyotomi

Real Zibro heater

Why do people choose Firelux?

Because Firelux offers the cleanest heater fuels that are suitable for all brands of mobile heaters. The products comply with the warranty terms set by the heater manufacturers. Firelux is also the choice of the world’s large heater manufacturer Toyotomi.

  • Suitable for all brands of mobile heaters.
  • Virtually sulphur-free
  • Odourless
  • Low aromatic hydrocarbon content
  • Less emission of harmful substances
  • Longer working lifetime of the heater
  • Complies with stringent European legislation (compliant with DIN 51603-1 and Arrêté 25-06-2010)
Gezellig knus bij de Firelux kachel

Firelux is a GVG brand. In the Benelux countries, Firelux is sold by GVG; in the rest of Europe, by Toyotomi.