Whitepaper Leaf blowers

Sustainability and environmental awareness. Subjects that are getting more and more attention in the media and
on which governments increasingly base their policy. This also applies to public works such as clearing up leaves or mowing grass verges. After all, the machinery used for this work can cause a lot of emissions, can’t it?

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The fewer leaf blowers, the better for the environment?

When reports skew numbers and influence policy.

Every year there is a commotion about the leaf blower. Newspaper articles full of half stories are distributed and assumed to be true. We at GVG are shocked by this. After all, we have been working every day for more than 20 years to find the cleanest solutions for traditional fuels (without compromising on quality). So we know better than anyone that there are more alternatives for working cleanly and sustainably, they are just not being heard.

That is why Ernst van Gelder has written a white paper. All the knowledge that GVG has collected on this subject is bundled in one clear story, substantiated by facts and studies. In this way, GVG would like to share its knowledge so that decisions can be made on the basis of more complete information.